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Gold Cup 2021

The Kerteminde Sejlklub's Gold Cup committee has decided to dispensate from the GC statutes and accept Kalevi Jahtklubi's bid for the Gold Cup 2021.

So, let's all plan for and go to Estonia in 2021.

Advertising on Nordic Folkboats

During the change from ISAF to World Sailing it appears that Advertising on boats is now allowed if not written into the class rules specifically. In our Class Rules we have a reference to Regulation 20 (Appendix 1 Advertising Codes) in rule 1.24 which basically now allows Advertising.  

It is and has always been the intention that Advertising on Nordic Folkboats is not allowed.

The Board decided to start the change process of the Class Rules accordingly. The Technical Committee will come up with a proposal for the wording before the next Board meeting in March 2020.

The AGM 2020 then needs to vote about this proposed change which will become effective Jan 1, 2021.

To keep our boats clean from Advertising in the next season we ask the National Folkboat Associations to have all organizers of Nordic Folkboat race events to include an extra restriction in their Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions that Advertising on Nordic Folkboats is not allowed until rules have been changed.

News from the Board

The News from the Board Meeting on Nov 16, 2019, here ....