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News from the Board (as of June 25, 2021)

This years's AGM will be held on July 28, 2021 virtually in the internet. The invitation along with the agenda has been sent to each NNFA in time following the NFIA Statutes.


SESSAN CUP 2022 (as of June 22, 2021)

The invitation of the UK NNFA re. SESSAN CUP 2022 has arrived, HERE…


Class Rule amendment in CR 1.24 (as of June 1, 2021)

Due to the urgent need to clarify ADVERTISING on Nordic Folkboats, the Class Rule document has been updated with the concurrence of all NNFAs as well as of NoSF (Nordic Sailing Federation). Please follow up in section "Class Rules", here …  


Gold Cup 2021 - cancellation info from May 21, 2021

The Estonian orga team of this year’s Gold Cup has announced the cancellation of the event due to the overall pandemic situation in Europe with no clear picture of what will happen in the next couple of weeks:

- The risk level of Covid-19 in Estonia two months before the Gold Cup dates is officially still high and the forecasts do not expect it to change before the event. Also the spread of the Covid-19 virus is still high in several other countries where competitors are expected to come from.

- Many sailors competing on folkboats are often at risk of the virus due to their age.

- The logistical choices of the folkboat sailors coming to Estonia have been significantly disrupted. Participants from Germany, Denmark, England and Sweden do not currently have a reasonable boat transport route - the ferry service provider has not yet officially decided to open the Stockholm-Tallinn ferry line this summer.

- Based on the current Covid-19 indicators, most participants are subject to self-isolation requirements when they arrive in Estonia and when they return to their home country.

- Under the current Covid-19 restrictions, the actual racing part of the Gold Cup event can be carried out, but the historically important shore program, traditional after-sail events and even normal social interaction between sailors are under strict limitations.

The team will keep their experience of all steps necessary to organize such an event and will be back with an application in 2023 with the hope that in those out days we all will have a more or less ‚normal‘ life. 


Gold Cup 2022 (as of Feb 22, 2021)

We received the confirmation that Kieler Yacht Club (KYC) will host the Gold Cup 2022. They will organize the GC as part of the Kiel Week in the time frame between June 18, 2022 an June 26, 2022.

Any details to follow at a later point in time once they become available.


Gold Cup Race Recommendation Guidelines updated

Please find the latest version, updated by the GC Committee of Kerteminde Sejlklub , here ....