Class Rules

The official language of the "Class Rule"-document is English, and in the event of a dispute over translation, the English text shall prevail.

According to the statutes of NFIA, Class Rule changes will be enforced on January 1st following each Olympic (summer) Games. Just in urgent cases, amendments will be processed in between the usual period.

The latest version of the Class Rules 2017 - 2020 had become effective Jan 1, 2019. 
Latest changes are marked in RED.

Class Rule Document 2017 - 2020 Edition 2019

This document is still valid. For the Olympic Games in Tokyo have been postponed to 2021, the update procedure is changing accordingly.

Spinnaker in the UK

The Spinnaker shown in the drawing is not used in the United Kingdom. The UK Association uses a smaller one than the one shown on the drawing. Contact British Folkboat Association for details.